Birthday Sky

Live Science features an entertaining little application – Starry Night Birthday Sky. Enter the date and time of your birthday, then double click your birth location on a Google map of the US, and Starry Night shows you the exact position of the sun against the background of constellations at your time of birth (at least, within 15 minute increments – close enough for astronomical work).

It’s part and parcel of their subtle disparagement of the claims of astrology, as in Pedro Braganca’s feature from October of 2007 on Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is. For instance, with my birthday coming up soon, I’m a proud Ophiucan. Makes it challenging to scan the papers for my daily horoscope.

Oh, and you needn’t be born during hours of darkness. Starry Night works just fine for those like me born in the middle of the afternoon.


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