Lost Treasure

The GeoZone offers a collection of intriguing, entertaining and illuminating stories about the elusive lost treasures of the American Southwest – tales of lost mines and the evanescence of riches from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah:

“During the course of the past five hundred years, countless explorers, prospectors, traders, trappers, settlers, and the legendary Mountain Men spent their lives in the vast wilderness of the American Southwest. Enduring the hardships, and exploring the extremes from over 14,000 feet of altitude along the Continental Divide in the Colorado Rockies to the desert hardpan below sea level in Death Valley, they discovered gold, silver, and other mineral riches, sometimes literally stumbling across their finds.

“Arguably, the more fortunate of these discoverers worked their finds and reaped the benefits until a natural death took their secret to the grave. Among the less fortunate, an equal number are reputed to have lost their lives to a variety of causes both accidental and otherwise.

“But beyond this, there are the others … perhaps the majority, upon which neither of these fates could be served, for many of these riches were just as quickly lost when their discoverers next discovered that they could not relocate their finds in the vast wilderness!

“Despite their best efforts, often spanning a lifetime, the location of these elusive treasures remains hidden yet today. They remain there to this day — for you to find!”


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