Nine Years and Counting

In 1936, Adolf Hitler’s criminal regime hosted the Olympics in Berlin. Nine years later, the ‘Thousand Year’ Reich lay in ruins, crushed in a war that Germany initiated. At least 50 million human beings had lost their lives, more than 6 million of them Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust, and tens of millions more experienced the massive devastation and loss wrought by the most destructive conflict the world has yet known.

In 1980, the Soviet Union, a regime no less repressive than Hitler’s Germany, and equally responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions, hosted the Olympics in Moscow. Under then-President Jimmy Carter, the United States boycotted the Moscow Olympics in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Nine years later, the decrepit criminal Soviet state teetered on the brink of its final destruction.

In that same year of 1989, at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, thousands of Chinese led by students and other youths protested their equally ugly and murderous Communist government. With tanks, that government slaughtered hundreds, then imprisoned and tortured thousands.

As we prepare for the impending Beijing Olympics, it would be well to remember what the internationally respected Freedom House (founded on the eve of America’s entry into the war against Nazi Germany by Eleanor Roosevelt and others) wrote recently about the government of China in China and the Olympics:

“Ten Things You Should Know about China:

• Half of the world’s population living in countries designated “Not Free” by Freedom House live in China.
• China imprisons more journalists than any other country in the world.
• The Chinese government maintains one of the world’s most sophisticated systems of blocking access to websites and monitoring its citizens’ e-mail communications.
• The one-child policy leads to forced abortions, a shortage of females, and an increase in trafficking of people.
• 65 crimes in China carry the death penalty.
• The Chinese government has supported extremely repressive regimes such as those governing Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe.
• Tibetan Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and practitioners of other religions face frequent harassment.
• Thousands of North Korean refugees who escape into China are sent back to North Korea to face arrest, torture, and sometimes death.
• Public protests have been on the increase in recent years.
• Chinese citizens deserve better.”

Nine years and counting.

And how soon can the International Olympics Committee schedule the games for Teheran, Riyadh and Pyongyang?


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