Homeward Bound


I’m a Kansas boy – a Wichita native who grew up first just a few dozen blocks from the northern boundary of Haysville – a short hike from Seneca Square and the old Peter Pan ice cream store, and a short ride in the back seat of an old DeSoto from the Mugs Up root beer – then, after eighth grade, on the east side of Wichita, in the shade of the ancient elms arching over South Crestway.


I left home at the age of 17 and my peripatetic meanderings have led me through Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, California, Georgia, Washington, DC, Europe (Berlin) and, via myriad intermediate points between, most recently and for the longest stay, to Texas (alphabetically in Alief, Austin, Dallas, Garland, Houston, Rockwall, San Angelo, and Terrell). All this along a trajectory inexorably homeward bound.


Now, a jack of many trades yet master of few, I’m very happily nestled at home in the Haysville Community Library: which, conveniently, brings me roundabout to the topic of this blog. It isn’t at all about anything in particular, but about various and sundry and everything in general . . . the Cosmos as oyster . . .where it’s the ellipsis that counts, the meaning of which to be determined.


My intentions, however murky and inchoate, are relentlessly to pursue the will-o’-the-wisp directive ‘to err is human; to repent, divine; to persist, devilish.’ I intend to err, to repent — and to persist.



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